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The Legacy Suites

Experience the coziness of a traditional mansion while securing privacy and autonomy of the guests

The Orloff Legacy suites was built in 1820 and continually inhabited until the thirties. Then it was abandoned, fell as a ruin and became totally rehabilitated in 2021-2022. The purpose of the Legacy Suites is to offer a luxury modern accommodation to the guests seeking autonomy and privacy in their stay on Hydra, while benefiting of the high-quality spirited service of the Orloff Signature Collection.

With only 4 suites, the 3 of them of a surface of about 45 sq.m., plus a smaller one of 20sqm, facing a central courtyard, with private patios, one large balcony on the upper floor, and most with a fully equipped kitchen, the artistically decorated Legacy Suites can be occupied individually or rented as a whole by extended families desiring to spend holidays together on Hydra. Conviviality and togetherness radiate in the traditional courtyard where under the olive tree a large table welcomes summer gatherings, after a drink served in the adjacent outdoor living area.

Rehabilitation has been made in full respect to historical Hydra standards, under the authority of the Byzantine archeology commission. The selection of noble materials such as Venetian stones, red Eretria marble, oak wood for the building, the respect of the Orloff color pallet especially on the blue windows, the use of fine fabrics enhancing the life on a Greek island, create a refined environment devoted to the well-being of the guest, while paying tribute to the unique character of Hydra, an island marked by history and authenticity.

Sustainability principle is at work through specific features incorporated in construction:

  • Eco windows and doors
  • Smart electric KNX system appliances
  • Advanced ecological climatization
  • Smart Miele laundry appliances for water and energy savings
  • Led lighting
  • Water saving cistern structure providing autonomy
  • Recycling process of paper, plastic, and glass
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