Hydra Island Events

Beginning of the season events
25th of March

A national holiday in Greece and the opening of the tourist season with the regatta from Faliro to Hydra is one of the greatest events as the sailing boats fill the Hydra port with their multi colored flags.

Among celebration events in April is the majestic Orthodox Easter in Greece with outdoor processions on Good Friday and Saturday with candle lights.

A unique local custom to observe is the "Epitaph", the procession of a Christ’s funeral bed filled with flowers that is immersed into the sea in Kamini beach, Hydra.

A tradition said to be derived from an ancient local custom to protect sailors.

The Resurrection of Christ on Sunday is welcomed with the traditional lamb roasting on a pit in the gardens and completed with the burning of Juda on the port and amazing fireworks. It is the perfect time for island excursions and walks around Hydra island.


The 1st of May is celebrated with island excursions, all over Hydra island by picking wild flowers and making flower wreaths to welcome Spring.

Nature is at its best and calendulas and chamomile flowers are everywhere.

Island Excursions

As summer unfolds, boats cross the waters taking the guests to island excursions all around Hydra island. A Boat ride around Hydra island is a favorite excursion.

Festivals in Hydra

June - July - August

22nd to 25th June, one of the most important Hydra island events among Hydra festivals is Miaoulia: Usually the last weekend of June is dedicated to the commemoration of the war of Independence of Greece from Ottoman Empire’s occupation.

The remake of a naval battle in the port of Hydra with the burning of a "bourlotto" (trapped ship full of dynamite) followed by great fireworks make this captivating spectacle at night on the port an unforgettable event.

Around 15th of June is the opening of a contemporary art exhibition of Dimitris Antonitsis, artist and curator, named "Hydra school Project", that takes place in the old College Sachtourio. It lasts up to 15th of September.

This is the opportunity to enjoy cutting-edge works of art of international level. It is an unexpected international art event in one of the islands in Greece.


The Puppets festivals are held every year from July 15th to 30th.


The 15th of August is the religious celebration of the Virgin Mary with a beautiful procession. During the same week, the glorious past of Hydra is evoked once again through the Kountouriotea event after a famous Greek admiral of the fleet, and the arrival of a frigate from the Greek Marine adorning the Hydra port with glory.

August days are ideal for boat rides and excursions in Hydra island.

For those who prefer the call of nature, boat rides and excursions in Hydra island are perfect opportunities to discover the untouched nature of Hydra island.

In August those who definitely seek culture can attend the many famous Greek plays held at the ancient Greece Epidaurus Theater. Here one can view a classical drama by Sophocles, Euripides and Aeschylus scheduled by the Athens Festival.

September - October

28th of October is a national holiday in Greece celebrating Independence Day, commemorating the participation of Greece in World War II with parades from all school students of Hydra island.

The season in Hydra closes with the same regatta as the one with it started.